Dream Town Mall

So, today, after sleeping in and catching up from 35 hours of insomnia, Jen and I walked to Dream Town Mall in Kiev. And it IS just like a dream! Seriously. The first two floors are typical mall stores and a grocery store. The THIRD floor though- has a food court, a roller skating rink, an ice skating rink, an arcade and a bowling alley!.. Not to mention some great coffee and gelato places. Chicago needs a place like this!

We exchanged some money today for Ukrainian “greevins”… A greevin is about an 8th of the value of a dollar, so you divide the cost by 8 to figure out how much you’re spending. It’s crazy to see that a potato with toppings (wasn’t sure what they were…) and a drink is 32 greeven… but when you think of it in U.S. dollars, it’s about $4..

We met with Trino today, the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries director and District superintendent of Ukraine. He’s having us meet some more people tomorrow to talk about ministry. It just so happens that an organization in Poltava, which is not Christian, has asked the church here to partner with them. So we’ll get to be a part of that! More evidence that God has us here for a purpose πŸ™‚

A few things we learned today:
Ukraine is no longer “The Ukraine” because the root word means “the edge”, as in the edge or boundary of the Soviet Union.. They no longer want their country associated with those times.

Ukraine wants to be part of the European Union, but with 4 out of 10 residents being Russian, it would cause huge disturbances in the peace of the country.

There are 6,000,000 more women than men in the country. Therefore, women feel they have to work very hard to get a man. They have “fashion wars”.. Everyone is trying to look like a model. They believe they can win over foreign men this way.. so there is a lot of superficiality and lack of self-worth among women.

Well, it’s 3am here- we’re a little off-kilter on sleep habits right now! But we’re going to make another attempt at it since we’re getting up in 3 hours to visit and help at a school for missionary kids tomorrow!

Be blessed everyone πŸ™‚


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